Aveil, a prestigious beauty and skincare brand, embarked on a digital transformation journey with Androgeus, a leading Digital Marketing Agency, starting in 2019. Initially tasked with building Aveil’s website from scratch, Androgeus laid the foundation for a robust digital presence.

By 2023, recognizing the evolving digital landscape and consumer expectations, Aveil partnered with Androgeus once more for a website redesign, alongside a suite of digital marketing solutions including Product 3D modelling, Product Photoshooting, Meta Ads, Google Ads, and Social Media Planning. This case study explores the strategic approach and outcomes of our comprehensive digital marketing efforts aimed at amplifying Aveil’s online presence, enhancing user experience, and driving business growth.




  • Establish and Revitalize Aveil’s Digital Presence: Initially to establish, and later to revamp Aveil’s online brand identity to reflect modern aesthetics and functionality.
  • Boost User Engagement and Experience: Enhance the website’s user interface and experience to meet the latest standards.
  • Increase Online Visibility and Drive Sales: Through targeted digital advertising and an effective social media strategy.
  • Strengthen Customer Engagement: Utilize social media to build a loyal customer base and foster brand loyalty.

Strategy and Implementation

1. Website Development and Redesign

  • 2019 Launch: Androgeus started by developing Aveil’s website from the ground up, focusing on creating a solid digital footprint that accurately represented Aveil’s brand ethos and values. The initial website set the stage for Aveil’s online journey, incorporating e-commerce functionality and a user-friendly layout.
  • 2023 Redesign: To adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape, Androgeus undertook a comprehensive redesign of Aveil’s website. The redesign focused on modernizing the visual design, improving usability, and enhancing mobile responsiveness. The updated website provided a seamless, engaging user experience, with improved navigation and faster loading times.

2. Product 3D Modeling and Photoshooting – Recognizing the power of high-quality visuals in e-commerce, Androgeus employed state-of-the-art 3D modeling to create lifelike product images, complemented by professional photoshoots. This approach significantly improved the online product presentation, making it easier for customers to visualize products, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

3. Digital Advertising (Meta Ads and Google Ads) – Our targeted advertising campaigns on Meta and Google platforms were meticulously crafted to reach Aveil’s key audience segments. By optimizing ad targeting, creative elements, and bidding strategies, we maximized ad performance, leading to increased brand awareness and website traffic.


  • Website Engagement: Post-redesign, Aveil’s website saw a 50% increase in traffic and a marked improvement in user engagement metrics.
  • Digital Advertising Success: The optimized digital advertising campaigns resulted in a 40% increase in ad engagement and a significant rise in targeted traffic to the website.
  • Conversion Rate Improvement: Aveil experienced a 30% increase in conversion rates, attributable to the enhanced website experience and targeted advertising efforts.


From initial website development in 2019 to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy culminating in a website redesign in 2023, Androgeus has been instrumental in transforming Aveil’s digital presence. The ongoing partnership highlights the importance of evolving with digital trends to meet consumer expectations and market demands. Aveil’s case study is a testament to Androgeus’ expertise in delivering dynamic and effective digital marketing solutions that drive brand growth and customer engagement.